Wow, that has really been a while! After some pretty busy weeks and another involuntary blogging abstinence I finally found time to shoot this look, including my brand new and all white sneakers from K-Swiss. Spring time is straight ahead so I couldn’t resist wearing these sporty babes for the first time last week – even if the setting was nothing but grey and I was freezing my ass off.
With the SI-18 INTL OG 50TH (weird name though) K-Swiss is relaunching some of their classic and most iconic designs and celebrates 50 years of tennis performance. The brands aim is to inspire and clothe young and aspiring entrepreneurs as well as everyone cool and trendy who is working in the creative industry. It’s all about having a passion and drive for something you believe in! And as this mindset is something I can totally agree with, I will lace up my sneakers especially tight this spring and summer! #50LOVE

I’m wearing a vintage bomber jacket bought in Paris a few years ago, a cashmere pullover by Beneton, jeans by Forever21, sneakers by K-Swiss and a black beanie by H&M
IMG_9803IMG_9836IMG_0003IMG_9827This post came into being in cooperation with K-Swiss and is featured content.