Yesterday afternoon a Pinterest dream came true. Why? Because Forever21 organized the most beautiful and yellowish summer picnic you could only imagine and invited me and a bunch of other fashion blogger (girls) to a placid park in Prenzlauer Berg. What’s not shown in the pictures below: We didn’t only take pictures with our smartphones and uploaded them on Instagram (#Forever21summercool). No – we also had real talks, cool drinks and delicious food whilst listening to summer tunes. Thank you for this wonderful afternoon, Forever21!

Who’s interested in my outfit: A few days before the event took place I had the chance to choose my look for that day at the Forever21 store in the Potsdamer Platz Arkaden. As you can see in the pictures I chose something rather untypical for me – a short-sleeved shirt in baby blue and pair of simple black shorts. I felt surprisingly comfortable wearing a buttoned top for the first time after (maybe) years. Should do this more often – I look cute in it, no?
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10This post came into being in cooperation with Forever21 and is featured content. All photos provided by PR.


3 thoughts on “EVENT: A PICNIC W/ FOREVER21”

  1. Anonymous says:

    echt total Pinterest-mäßig……. und die perfekte Geburtstagsfeier inspiration

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