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One year after my first interior faves posting on the blog (find the first edition here) I fount it was time to present you a new round of my latest home/living shoppings today. It’s a colorful mix of vintage loves, super green good-mood-makers and latest technique stuff. I hope you enjoy, here we go!

1. the real framed butterfly
I really have this thing about framed butterflies and was strolling through plenty of flea markets in the past year to find a (or more) nice one(s) for my home. Sadly without any success I checked Ebay a few weeks ago and finally purchased this little beauty. The result: I’m addicted and I want more! And yes, I know I need to clean the windows.
2. the Fidelio Soundbar B5 by Philips
Nothing beats (lol beats because of the music, get it?) a relaxed home movie night with Netflix and a good sound! Therefor I equipped my home cinema station with the most stylish and subtle speakers I could find. The Fidelio Soundbar B5 is actually really clever: you can remove two portable parts of the station whenever you want and set them right behind your couch or bed for the best, wireless sound you could ask for. That’s absolutely smart.
3. the new beauty favorites on a new side table
This is a little collection of what you would find on my golden side table/house bar (you can find the liquids in the lower level of the table hehe) if you came by without a warning:
– Susanne Kaufmann body lotion M via Niche Beauty
– Susanne Kaufmann deodorant stick M via Niche Beauty
– Tom Dixon Eclectic London scented candle
– Comme des Garçons MAN 2 fragrance
Philips portable speakers for a summer day in the park
– HAY Design golden scissor
– pink marble box (a flea market find)
4. the banana palmtree
Does this point need any explanation? I don’t think so. I just love everything about palm trees because it reminds me of some wonderful vacations I had the chance to spend in my life till now. ATM I’m waiting for the first bananas to finally grow but it probs takes ages – helpful gardener tipps anyone?
All pictures taken by me


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