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Oh yes, I know: ewwww, sports! But as beachwear season is only a few more months away we have to think and talk about this serious issue.
My plans to do something like a ‘workout’ at home failed after only three ridiculous days of sit-ups and push-ups on the cold floor of my apartment and I’m still ruffled up against going to a real gym. Thats why friends suggested to me to start running. They said it would be easy (it’s not. I can’t even run for more than five minutes at a stretch), they said it would be fun (omg no?!) and they said it would be for free (it’s not 2.0! Of course you need the latest running outfit for your first try). But: I finally overcame myself and I have done it quite a few times now. And to make the start easier for you my fellow couch potatoes I collected three helpful tipps:

1. The right look
Yeah right, the first thing I was overthinking, when I decided to go running was what to wear. I didn’t want to look ridiculous unsporting and non-slacky. (My personal) perfect answer: hoodie by Forever21, slim sports pants by Adidas and ZX Flux in neon yellow for the color kick. Scroll down to see the look.

2. The little help
It’s all about the right cheats, especially when it comes to sports: To support my own body and muscles while working out and running I use the Slendertone Premium Abs belt around my stomach. In consistent intervals the belt tortures me with electric impulses, forcing aka stimulating my (non existent) abs to contract themselves. I started to use this little helper a few months ago and recognized a progress especially when I wore it during sports.

3. The motivation boost
Noting goes without music and as I love creating playlists for everything and everyone I couldn’t resist sharing my running #sportyspice Playlist with you. Enjoy (but don’t run too far)!

SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCThis post came into being in cooperation with Slendertone and is featured content


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