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Who would have imagined that Hong Kong in winter is a summers child paradise? Two weeks ago, before my friend Hien and I flew over to China for the Elite Model Look World Final and a few additional days in Hong Kong I already knew that the weather in Eastern Asia in November and December wouldn’t be as cold as in Europe.
Then, after 13 hours of flying and walking hundreds of meters through endless hallways we finally found our way out of this giant, air-conditioned international airport and we were happy. Why? Because outside the building it was about 28°C and above our heads there was nothing but sunshine and blue skies. The first thing that came into my mind: Luckily I’ve packed my swim shorts and new sunglasses instead of leather gloves and lambswool scarves!
And as I’ve shown you my swim shorts before (here) it’s now time to present you my brand new but retro looking sunglasses by London Retro via Sunglasses Shop. This pair of beautiful shades was not only very helpful during my summery stay in Hongkong, but will also help me trough a (hopefully) sunny and mild fall and winter in Germany.
IMG_5208 closer lookIMG_5213 IMG_5214
all pictures taken by me, this post came into being in cooperation with Sunglasses Shop and is featured content


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