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After three weeks of “home sweet home” with my parents I finally returned to Berlin two days ago. Tomorrow I’ll be off to Istanbul and Antalya for a super sunny and hoooot (40°C) week of summer vacation on the beach. But before I switch locations again I prepared one of my very rare beauty posts for you guys featuring the brand new Heavy Hitter shampoo by Mitch by Paul Mitchell.
As the Heavy Hitter cleanses the hair to the deepest, the shampoo is exclusively developed for men that are straining their hair with a lot of styling products (wax, hair spray, gel and Co). The smell of Heavy Hitter is refreshing and cool, containing ingredients like cedar and agave.
After testing the product for more than a week now I have turned into a real Paul Mitchell fan. In combination with the elastic hold construction paste and the reformer texturizer (both by Mitch by Paul Mitchell) my hair really feels more vitalized than before with a long-lasting feeling of freshness.

The Heavy Hitter by Mitch by Paul Mitchell shampoo hits the stores in september for about 19€ (250ml).
IMG_2790IMG_2754 IMG_2781
All pictures taken by me, this post came into being in cooperation with Paul Mitchell and is featured content.


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