Actually my plan was to show you guys the ultimate beauty of the sunny and warm spring of Berlin in cooperation with Forever21. But as you may know the weather here in the German capital couldn’t really decide between rain and cloudiness and undimmed sunshine in the past two weeks so this is kind of a mix between “have-lunch-inside-because-it’s-raining-outside” and “relax-in-the-park-because-it’s-fair”.

1. For lunch or a simple tea break at Chén Chè Teehaus
This is probably the most authentic and restful eatery spot you can find in Berlin. I just love to meet up with friends here, having a hangover-breakfast (it has the best offer for sleepyheads on the weekend), lunch or just a simple tea break. A fine variety of delicious teas from Vietnam and great curry meals are making the Chén Chè to one of my favorite restaurants in Mitte. I guess the pictures down here will speak for themselves.

Chén Chè Teehaus
Rosenthaler Straße 13
10119 Berlin Mitte
IMG_1540 IMG_1548 IMG_1552 IMG_1558 IMG_1562

2. Parks of Berlin
When it comes to leisure program in the summer, the Berliners are quite easy and relaxed to handle. All you need to do is grab your friends and/or your favorite magazine, an ice-cold Club Mate and your sunglasses and have a great day in one of Berlins parks.

My top-3 parks in Berlin:
1. Volkspark am Weinbergsweg, Berlin Mitte
Because it’s central, kind of hip (it is just around Rosenthaler Platz) and has a little lake integrated.
2. Preußenpark, Berlin Wilmersdorf
This simply amazing park needs an entire and own post for itself. Why? I will show you in the next few weeks!
3. Schillerpark, Berlin Wedding
I would call it an insiders’ tipp! A huge lawn and hundreds of freewheeling rabbits. Do I need to say more?

3. Shooting my daily outfit
As I call myself a fashion blogger it’s all about presenting my look to the readership. My passion for shooting daily outfits for the blog definitely soars in the spring time. I don’t really know why but it’s a fact. So it happens quite often that I force my friends to take pics of me while we’re having a good time in the parks or on the streets. Just as today:
I was wearing a (nearly) total look by Forever21 and as you may recognize also in the springtime my favorite color is black.

Forever21 college jacket, Forever21 Guns ‘n’ Roses band t-shirt, Weekday zipper, Forever21 skinny jeans, DocMartens flats and Forever21 snapback
IMG_1578 IMG_1589This post came into being in cooperation with Forever21 and is paid content.



  1. Klara says:

    These pics are awesome. Who is the photographer? I need to get to know this person!!!!!

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