Winter comes closer with every passing day, rain and cold wind striking in my face when I the tube station and the time spending in bed goes up drastically. 
I think this should be the best time to present you my five essentials to survive the grey and freezing November. Feel free to add your personal essentials in the comment box below! 
1. green in the flat
As the trees begin to lose their leaves dousing the streets into orange and red it is essentially for me to have a last reminder of the summer in my flat. Bonsai trees seem to be perfect here for! 
2. cosy duvets
There is nothing better than staying in bed all sunday on a cold November day! Necessary to that end: faux fur duvets, such as my all-white new one I got from! It covers my entire bed and makes leaving for university on a monday morning even more difficult. Click here to check out the online shop and order your favorite one for this winter – the materials and the workmanship is beyond amazing!
3. watching movies in bed
Everyone knows that movies in bed can be everything during the weekend. As I do not own a real TV, I have to watch all those cheesy teenager films and series on my Macbook.
4. comfortable underwear
I’m not wearing loose boxer shorts under my pants. But when the luxury underwear label McAlson asked me if I’d like to have a look on their boxer short winter collection for 2013, I couldn’t resist.
Finest fabrics and beautiful prints are making these underwear to a perfect option to jogging pants and I think they could make a great Christmas gift for boyfriends and husbands! 
5. scented candles
No winter without scented candles! In the last few years not only furnishing houses but also designer labels followed this trend and developed their own collections of scented candles and interior perfumes. My all-time favorite: Bougie N°5, Feuille de Figuier by A.P.C




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