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After three weeks of tracking through the entire US and my first post about the creative project by LEVI’S®, the ‘STATION TO STATION‘ train finally arrived in Oakland where the big journey ends. The final happening took place at the historic and famous 16th Street Station with a huge range of different artists, musicians and performers such as Savages, Evan Holm and smoke performance artist Olaf Breuning.
The two VICE talents Jakob (blogger) and Tobias (singer) were especially impressed by the (as they call it) ‘cowboy art’ they saw on their stop in Mississippi and the auctioneer they met there.

For all the info’s about this amazing project and travel check out the Facebook page here, explore Twitter under the hashtags #makeourmark and #stntostn and see the videos on Vimeo!

There are also a lot of great videos online you shouldn’t miss! One of my favorites is this one with the big window wall of the train which was on its way from Chicago to St. Paul at that time:

Pictures of the train, tour and events provided by VICE. This post came into being in cooperation with VICE and LEVI’S® and is payed content.

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