Preceding Berlin Fashion Week I finally found time to visit the GREEN Showroom at Hotel Adlon for my first time. Green fashion labels as far as the eye could reach, spread over plenty of hotel suites. For me, as I am someone who is not that taken with eco fashion, it was quite an experience to check out the designers pieces. 
Extra dashy: The Dutch designer label ‘STUDIO ELSIEN GRINGHUIS‘ which had its show debut during Amsterdam fashion week in 2009. The design principal seems to be completely based on sustainability. Clear forms, designs with a long life span due to their quality and innovative patterns are just some of the notes I jotted down when I checked out the clothes.

After some weeks of thinking about it I couldn’t insist bidding the labels founder and head of design Elsien Gringhuis for five questions.
1. One influence that brought you to fashion design?
My mothers sewing machine. I was sewing clothes since the age of 10, or maybe even earlier. I was always making things.

2. The importance of sustainability in your collections?
Sustainability for me is the same kind of importance then that you have to eat every day. It should be no issue. A lot of people ask me why and how I design in a sustainable way. But for me it would be very strange and unacceptable to design and produce clothes that harm other people or the environment. Of course it’s not always easy because of the industry and the time we’re live in. I want to design and produce as sustainable as possible without doing concessions to the image of the design.

3. How does your daily work look like from the moment of having an idea right up to sewing a piece?
For me the only way to create is just start and do something. I design by moulage and from one shape comes another. It’s like making music. And after a view days, or sometimes weeks the concept develops.

4. One goal for the next two years?
More international sales.

5. On your mood board for AW 14/15?
This week we finish sales for SS14. After that we start the production…and then I have time to think of new things coming up.

So far, I can’t stop thinking in deep bright colors.

S/S 14 collection ‘SPIRIT FROM THE SKY’ lookbook, photographed by Ester Grass Vergara, H&M Yokaw for Laura Mervier, model Laura (Fresh Model Management)
Thanks for this little interview, Elsien!



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