The question about what to wear for the first day at work/school or for a chic party is hard, I know. But when I thought about what to wear for a weekend in the wilderness I firstly had not a single idea. Checking my all-time inspirational source I came across this absolutely perfect fall 2013 T by Alexander Wang collection. Jersey sweatpants in beautiful cuts and big boots, dark green and cold blue shades, simple leather jackets and long coats – This is how you (and I) should look for a rough weekend in the wild!

But the most important thing for not to get lost is orientation! As I am someone who has not the ghost of a chance to survive a day without orientation-helping tools (as my iPhone) I am a big fan of this outdoor allround talent called PRO TREK PRW-2500-1AER. With this solar powered watch you will be the hero of the weekend!
The robust, matt black and masculine body gives pride of place to the extensive list of technical features, making the PRW-2500 an excellent, functional and stylish companion in both natural wilderness and streetstyle-savvy urban jungle.

Next to reading the time, the watch has some impressive features including:
– barometer
– thermometer
– height gain
– digital compass
– water resistance up to 20 bar
– radio signal reception

Now, that I found the perfect outfits and the perfect watch for the wilderness, everything left I need is prevail on my friends to start an outdoor weekend with me!

pictures by style.com, tumblr and BOLD PR


3 thoughts on “WHAT TO WEAR: IN THE WILD”

  1. Anonym says:

    genau.. und dann marschierst du schön durch dem matsch mit deinem 500 euro outfit. Weil man im Wald ja auch in erster Linie erstmal gut aussehen muss.. hahah

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