Since I moved to this city and appartement I always wanted to do a “room tour” post asap but after all it took me 8 months till I finally got my ass up for this project.
Of course I cleaned up a little bit before shooting the pictures, don’t worry – I am a total clothes mess in real and I don’t even remember when I sat on my sofa the last time ’cause it’s the main spot for jackets, pants, bags and co. My latest achievement in causa furniture is this fruity golden pineapple lamp in picture Nr.1!

(1) golden pinapple lamp by ZARA Home, (2) sideboard detail with my favourite fashion books, (3) four meters ceiling height – enough space for a luster, (4) another sideboard detail with my favourite bowl Kaleido by HAY, (5) sleeping and working area, (6) oriel area, (7) dressing room detail, (8) magazines overdose and a selection of my shoes and boots

7 thoughts on “FINALLY: ROOM TOUR”

  1. gefällt mir echt sehr gut, ich liebe helle wohnungen & die möbel etc sind echt sehr schön ! lass mich dort wohnen 😀

  2. Anonym says:

    mega geil geil geil!!! purer neid auf den stuck, altbau, parkett…

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