Admitted: Since I moved to Berlin I am a total “Mitte” boy which means I leave this district utterly reluctantly. But let me tell you that having a walk through this plattenbau colonies at the sidelines of the city is so wonderful (provided it is a sunny day).
The outfit of that dog-walk seems to be very similar to the look I showed so some weeks ago (click here) but I tried to make it look a little more casual with this rolled up blue jeans and without the massive black collar.

Jacket: Sandro, sweater: WOOD WOOD, pants: Zara, boots: Kenzo, beanie: H&M, dog: loan

5 thoughts on “OUTFIT: WEEKEND WALK”

  1. Anonym says:

    Perfect look! even better than the look from Düsseldorf with the collar on – its so much more sporty now, i love it

  2. Total toll <3, jedenfalls du, denn ich bin leider Plattenbaugeschädigt 😀

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