Time goes by so let’s summarize the last weeks and months with the help of a little Instagram diary.01. my latest achievement: this wonderful pinapple lamp by Zara Home
02. new iPhone case by Kenzo (what else?)
03. stickers on the back of my laptop
04. current favourite fragrance: Wonderwood by Comme des Garcons

05. having a wonderful day in the Zoo
06. cutest French bull puppy ever
07. the beauty of nature in the Aquarium
08. feeling big city life with the new Waldorf Astoria Hote

09. great presents from Paris (PUIG)
10. backstage at the lookbook shooting of Barre Noire

11. having a sleepy time in bed
12. my new chelsea boots

13. after the hair stylist
14. detail of my outfit for the Medienboard Empfang during Berlinale
15. fruity breakfast in Düsseldorf
16. having a good time with my lovely Mandy

17. shopping saturday
18. having dinner with some friends (on the picture Friederike)
19. on the way to a Berlinale event
20. on a walk during the cloudy parks of Düsseldorf


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