This is my personal interpretation of a layering look as seen many, many times on other bloggers and friends (for example Dustin).
I am so sick of wearing a big coat or winter jacket against these fucking snowy days here in Berlin and so I went through my wardrobe trying to create a winterlook out of some summer pieces.

I was wearing one of my favourite sweaters – the LOVE sweater by Acne over a casual white t-shirt by American Apparel, in combination with a summer jacket in a military look by Carhartt and all these pieces topped by another light jacket by Hugo Boss.
Down below a simple light blue jeans by ZARA and Doc Martens flats against wet feet.
What are your tipps for layering looks? Feel free to let me know! 🙂

5 thoughts on “OUTFIT: LAYERING LOOK”

  1. Falls du die Hugo Boss Jacke meinst, die hat schon ein paar Jahre auf dem Buckel – Vintage sozusagen..
    Die Carhartt Jacke ist aus dem Carhartt Werksverkauf, sollte es aber mit etwas Glück auch noch im Sale in allen Carhartt stores geben.

    Best, J

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