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30 years ago Kikuo Ibe (founder of G-SHOCK) had the idea about designing the unbreakable watch. After months of testing several materials for the watch, Ibe developed the first ever shock-resistant watch called G-SHOCK. Today, 30 years and millions of sold modells later, it’s time to celebrate this story of success!
To do so, all the Berlin hipster boys and girls are invited to come by the super cool G-SHOCK pop-up shop at Torstraße 66, 10119 Berlin (from 12am to 8pm) this week to win the best stuff ever!
All you need to do is leaving your contact dates or business card in the store and waiting to get a message by G-SHOCK telling you that you are the lucky winner of…

…a DGK skateboard deck signed by Stevie Williams + watch (tuesday and thursday)
…a G-SHOCK goodiebag inclusive a customzied watch by Atelier Conradi (wednesday and friday)
…a BURTON snowboard + watch (saturday only)

So don’t miss that big chance and win win win!

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