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Christmas comes closer as well as the question about how to present the dearest. In this context I had the chance to test a christmas-present ever-green: a perfume.

In 1989, JOOP! boldly launched JOOP! HOMME, an intoxicating oriental perfume, both sensual and very masculine. Inspired by its success, JOOP! now presents a new variant of its iconic fragrance: JOOP! HOMME WILD
JOOP! HOMME WILD is even more daring than its forerunner. It is also more openly seductive and was designed for the wild boy hiding inside each of us. The JOOP! HOMME WILD man is not afraid to stand out, to assert himself. He is a rebel, hence a seducer. 
Developed by perfumer Aliénor Massenet, JOOP! HOMME WILD is an oriental fougère fragrance with many contrasts. It is built around a strong heart note of absolute rum. Seldom used in perfumery, it gives this fragrance a dark and luminous quality that perfectly expresses the strong and rebellious nature of the perfume. Absolute rum also brings an intoxicating and addictive touch of wild attraction. 
A hot and vibrant base note of woody blond tobacco, brings warmth and sensuality to the rum and gives JOOP! HOMME WILD a velvety softness. In contrast with this voluptuousness, the sparkling top notes of pink pepper add a very dynamic and masculine touch. 

For me as a fan of bold and dark fragrances JOOP! HOMME WILD is a wonderful alternative to my winters all-time-favourite BANG by Marc Jacobs. For everyone who is into such flavours as well I can only entrust JOOP! HOMME WILD.

JOOP! HOMME WILD, because sometimes, bad feels so good. (This post came into being in cooperation with JOOP! and is payed content.)

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