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I guess it was July when I did my last instagram diary post, shortly after Berlin fashion week, when I finally moved to this wonderful city, but with no flat to call my own “home”. 
Today, in the middle of October I can say that I found it. I found the perfect home with great flat mates, enough place for all my shoes and clothes (and magazines) and a wonderful work which fulfills me with joy, at every day of the week.
I planed to do a “MY NEW ROOM” post today, inspired by lovely Cailin (she moved to London a few weeks ago) and I promise that one of the next updates on the blog will be such a room-tour post, but for the nonce you have to take potluck with a little instagram diary post (which shoes some parts of my new home already).

1. cool kids on the streets
2. white roses at a friends flat

3. stunning Kaviar Gauche wedding dress
4. my favourite G-SHOCK watch, white in white

 5. little shooting for an upcoming project from my work
6. sushi time
7. amazing sketches for the upcoming barre noire collection
8. dancing front row at the Lady Gaga concert in O2 World

 9. detail of my new room – Vitra chair and turkish Vogue issues (so in love with the editorials in turkish Vogue!)
10. getting ready for party with my best friend

11. video interviewing Bonnie Strange for an upcoming project at work
12. decadent lunch at Mauerpark fleamarket

13. sunday mood
14. sunday mood again (?) – sleepy me
15. stunning Dawid Tomaszewski dress at the Vogue Fashion’s Night Out in September
16. the luster in my room

 17. girly breakfast (?)
18. doing some shit at the SKYY Vodka event
19. our agency pug Mücke being sleepy

20. Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball again


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