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To intern at a PR agency was a great decision. Not only because I really do love what I do all day long and that I have the chance to spend the day with the coolest team ever, but also because I have a perfect insight into public relations. 
For me as a blogger one of the most important things to know is how to cooperate with an agency like this – this starts with daily business and ends with fashion week rushes or/and the German Press Days. These press days are great for editors, bloggers and stylists, but on the other side it’s a huge stress factor for everyone who is working in an agency. The past week was a lot to be done – hundreds of show pieces needed to be refreshed, the showroom had to be rebuild, press kits had to be prepared and today, on the first of two long press days days, everything had to take place with perfection. And I guess we did it – we had a super cool day, with interested people, a relaxed atmosphere and last but not least – great food and drinks.
Sitting in bed now with my feets hurting as hell is all I can say, that I am really thankful for this experience and that I cannot wait for the fashion week to come. Why? Because after all the stressy hours it’s an amazing feeling to be a part of all this!

I just had some time to do a few photos of our BOLD press day nr.1 and of course I do share them with you! xx

BOLD German Press Days from the outside of the office.

Mavi x Hussein Challayan collection installation at BOLD room.

A walk through our showroom with Jessica Weiss.

Fancy details of the wonderful BARRE NOIRE SS13 collection.

G-Shock colorful overdose – I like!

The coolest jewelry ever by BIJULES NEW YORK.

Puppy x bat

drinks, drinks, drinks


One thought on “GERMAN PRESS DAYS // DAY 1”

  1. Oah die sachen von barre noire sind richtig schön.
    Showroom sieht alles in allem auch echt schnieeeeeke aus 🙂

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