After a 13h bus tour I finally arrived in Berlin on thursday night. The feeling that I am here as a tourist is still inside my head and I guess this will stay as long as I haven’t found a flat here.
When I checked my instagram that morning (@youngvanity) I decided to do a new diary for you, because the photos I do upload there are much more than I do here on the blog.

1. Kate Moss by Steven Klein at the Steven Klein exhibition last week in Mitte.
2. Summer favourite: Ice cold water with mint and lemon at Dudu
3. New in: New Balance super white running shoes
4. The most wonderful toilet in Berlin at Odessa Bar

5. Cute clouds a few weeks ago
6. Self portait
7. Last week when I was on my way home from Berlin
8. My latest obsession by Givenchy

9. After 3 days of fashion week my feet were cluttered with blisters so I bought these super confortable Converse chucks
10. Sale shopping at Acne last week
11. Statement of the day
12. My new iPhone case in the Givenchy look

13. At the Sissi Goetze studio presentation during MBFW
14. Berlin nights
15. One of my birthday presents
16. Cool drinks at Bonnie Strange’s The Shit Shop Event


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