I guess it’s time for a new post about a wonderful collection. So here we go with the S/S collection 2012 of the Berlin based fashion label barre noire!

The designer Timm R. Süssbrich in talk with YOUNG VANITY about his work:

“I’ts the first collection I did on my very own and it bares the title ‘Avenue Verte’, which means something like green, summery avenue. Following this, the fabrics are matched – Feathery green shades symbolizing the summery plants, the gentle red standing for the light of the sunrise (and sundown) and the light shades for the gravel on the streets or the mood of slight fog […] very atmospheric.
Stilistic I abide by the 70’s. The look of the models, the hair, the cuts of the pieces, pattern and rhinestones (which also reminds of the theatre-rhinestones of the 20’s).
Actually the rhinestones are a big point in my work – also existing at the upcoming collection which is presented in July in the course of Berlin Fashion Week.”

Pictures via Timm R. Süssbrich (barre noire).


4 thoughts on “COLLECTION: BARRE NOIRE SS 2012”

  1. Anonym says:

    what a wonderful collection!! will u blogg about the new one as well??)

  2. Sadly, I cant be at the show because I arrive in Berlin the day after but if I like the collection I am sure I will blog about it too!

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