… Egypt! After some to and fro my family and I had to cancel our vacation in Cyprus and luckily found a last minute offer to Egypt.
Between packing my stuff and enjoying the hot temperatures here at home, I collected some tumblr pictures which really inspired me. They are all very summer-like, but I tried to combine them in a strange but cool way. I love it!

So if I am not able to post during the stay in Hurghada, I will blog a photobomb as soon as possible after my return. Wish me a good flight and see you soon – Julius xx

For the tumblr boys and girls: make sure you have a look on my tumblr blog www.youngvanityblog.tumblr.com and feel free to follow 🙂
Picture 6 is a wonderful artwork by the talented Valeria Alevra – visit her website here: www.valeriaalevra.com


6 thoughts on “I’M OFF TO …”

  1. John says:

    I'm following your blog since time ago. And I've never commented before, but this comment is for saying, that you need to upload your blog, more often.

    I'm a big fan.

    Best regards from Spain.

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