Welcome to the third part of my instagram diaries (part I and part II). I am having a sleepy hangover day atm and feel like my blog really needs a new update.
The following pictures are a selection of the photos I posted on my instagram account during the last few weeks.
For everyone who is using instagram – Feel free to check out and follow my account @youngvanity!

01. outfit biker leather jacket / black skinnies / Matistache t-shirt

02. a wonderful designer spread at my grandpa’s office
03. enjoying longdrinks with my friends
04. my new Asos leather sandals for ss 2012

05. coke light + ice = love
06. feeling Lana Del Rey wearing skinnies and chucks (Weekday t-shirt)
07. 3D glasses by Hugo Boss
08. opening the whirlpool season

09. wearing my Boy London sweater and NY Yankee cappy
10. bye Blackberry, hi iPhone
11. breakfast 

12. waking up after a short night

13. sailing on the first of May

14. beautiful flowers at my grandparents garden
15. retro chic with my friends
16. detail of my room

17. wearing my Versace x HM t-shirt
18. my DIY Yves Saint Laurent collage
19. longdrinks again
20. good moring


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