The feeling that my last weeks as a pupil have (hopefully) dawned is weird – Weird but fantastic! As I am one of those kids who never enjoyed being in school I can’t wait to start a new life at the end of July. There will be so many changes which actually should scare me, but I feel that everything will become better and better and better. 

Actually I wanted to share my todays outfit with you, but the photos my mum did turned out to be super ugly. The only useful ones she photographed are viewable under this text. Nevertheless: I was wearing black skinnies, the new Doc Martens flats, a striped t-shirt by Acne, a H&M collegejacket and a black no name beanie.
How do you like it?


8 thoughts on “ALL IS WELL THAT ENDS WELL?”

  1. Anonym says:

    Du siehst aber verbraucht aus und das in so jungen Jahren.. soll keine Beleidigung sein.

  2. Anonym says:

    the photos are wonderful! I absolutely can understand your current feelings xx

  3. Hmm, woran machst du das denn fest? Also was sieht deiner Meinung nach Verbraucht aus?
    Ich habe bei den Fotos als ich sie bearbeitet habe, nur etwas Farbe rausgenommen, daher kommt der Graustich.

  4. Anonym says:

    Der Graustich in den Fotos ist mir erst jetzt aufgefallen.
    Dein Gesicht wirkt so ein bisschen eingefallen und deine Augen, nicht unbedingt auf diesen Bildern, wirken manchmal müde und ausdruckslos.

  5. Good luck with stepping into “the real world”! Sometimes you discover it's not that different to how school was :-/

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