Summer comes closer and closer, yesterday my new swimming trunks for the spring vacations in Cyprus arrived and the only thing I still need is the perfect pair of sunglasses. I thought about this “issue” for a long time now, but the result is comparatively ordinary – In my eyes it’s very hard to find no-go shades or rather there are only three ways to fail:

fail no.1 – the “pleb-shades” 

I don’t know who the fuck invented those asocial, ugly and simply laughable plastic glasses and to tell the truth I don’t even wanna know it. BUT: It’s hard to ignore them in summertime and the fact that the people are also wearing them on ‘Jersey-Shore’-parties does not make it better in any way. Please stop it, my eyes hurt!

fail no.2 – the “racer-shades”
The circumstance that it’s necessary for real bike pro’s to wear such glasses against the wind does not permit fashion poopers to wear them in their free time as well! I have to admit that I am no fan of slim shades at all, so maybe my ‘hate’ is a little bit overdone.

fail no.3 – the “mono-shades”

I don’t know how to deal with this. The mono-shades are just so 2009 (or whatever) and I really wouldn’t miss them on the noses of some men feeling fashionable.
The fact that Ray Ban and Co. are still producing such glasses is a mistery to me.

// Now, that we have talked about the three no-go’s let’s continue with my absolutely go’s! First of all I love the evergreen modell Wayfarer and the alike-looking modell Justin. They are perfect for my facial shape and I also prefere them towards the Aviators because they are edgy and not rounded. These are my favourite ones for the upcoming spring and summer (pictures via Mister Spex and Acne):

– Ray Ban Wayfarer with brown gradients

– Acne unisex shades in white and with brown gradients

You should always keep in mind that there are thousands of different shade modells which fit perfectly for thousands of different facial shapes, so take time and think about which one is your one before you buy expensive (and unsuitable) sunglasses!
Feel free to post your thoughts about my no-go’s, tell me about your favourite ones and let me know if you would like to read more blogposts like this!



  1. Was ich bei den go's dazugenommen hätte wären einige carrera brillen…hab selbst eine. sitzen gut und haben nich unbedingt den hipster-style…

  2. Anonym says:

    Verspiegelte Pilotenbrillen finde ich ganz bitter. Ich habe eine neue von Boss Orange mit Farbverlauf und das ist so viel schöner als verspiegelt oder einfarbige Gläser wie bei vielen Ray Bans.

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