I am sure most of you are enjoying this wonderful weather atm without being online but here we go with a new instagram diary post. If you use instagram on your smartphone feel free to follow me (@youngvanity)!
After I finally finished my final exams two days ago, I cannot wait to be in Berlin on wednesday and I hope the weather will stay that perfect! See you soon with new pictures 🙂
1. skinnies + biker boots = ♥
2. Asos boots

3. wasted Marilyn in my room
4. bored

5. fruity mango
6. breakfast

7. letter from Chanel
8. any ideas for a new favourite perfume?

9. roses
10. staying in bed all day long

11. amazing feature of amazing Pelayo in the current GQ Style Germany
12. best lyrics ever à la Lana Del Rey

13. after finishing our last final exam on friday
14. my last weeks


11 thoughts on “INSTAGRAM DIARY // RANDOM”

  1. haha yeah there had been a big issue in my head if I should keep or return them but I kept them and nowadays I love them 🙂

  2. those first pairs of boots are simply amazing in combination with denim. definitely rockstar attitude, I like it.

    xx from paris

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