This is just an update-post for you to tell you what I’ve done the last few weeks:
First of all the graphic designer Kilian Wittmann (become fan of his work here) came up with the new logo and header for YOUNG VANITY – Thank you for doing that! Do you like the new one or did you prefere the old header and the logo with the triangle? Don’t hold back posting comments!
Secondly I had some time creating my own tumblr blog, if you’re intressted in it click here to visit and for those of you who are into tumblr too feel free to follow and reblog! 

New posts are coming very soon! xx 


4 thoughts on “NEWEST NEWS”

  1. Anonym says:

    i like the new logo. and, I mean this warm-hearted so dont freak out, you might wanna check your grammar and spelling before you post in English

  2. Hey Marie, das mit “les mads” habe ich mir auch gedacht und habe es auch schon ein paar mal von anderen jetzt gehört – ich werde ihn trotzdem eine ganze weile behalten schätze ich. vielen dank für deine kritik! 🙂

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