Between all this Versace for H&M excitement, I want to share something different with you. These are some random tumblr inspiration pictures I found while surfing the internet in the last few weeks.



  1. zu meinen lieblings-tumblr's gehören “Cheaper Than Therapy Fashion” und “Styleboss” – die Links dazu findest du hier in der Toolbar unter “Blogroll”.

  2. Great pictures. This is pretty much all material things I love summed up; chunky, minimalistic black heels/Acne & Celine/punk jackets/tattoos/round sunglasses.
    I'm totally infatuated with your blog. Also in love with your Cheap Monday & Boy London sweaters. Do you live in Berlin? I'm planning a visit to Germany soon, so have any hideouts I should know about? By the way: cool you're part of Vice blogging network too 😉 x

  3. Awww thank you Yth! At the moment I am living in a town near Munich in the very south of Germany, but I'll probably move to Berlin next summer.
    And I know that I am in the Vice blogroll 🙂 Will you visit Berlin or entire Germany? There are a lot of places I could name you! x

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