I have never been a huge fan of sweaters, but after I shopped this amazing grey Cheap Monday sweater at Weekday in Berlin one week ago I can’t get enough of them! I think that they are perfect for those cold winterdays which are coming closer and closer and actually I had in mind to do a post with my three new sweaters. Unfortunately one of them still hasn’t been delivered. So here we go with two of them:
As I already mentioned I bought this grey one in Berlin (you can also see an outfitpost here) and secondly I got a black one by the iconic fashion label Boy London this week. I fell in love with it! Outfitpost with the Boy London sweater is coming soon and of course I will show you the third one asap!


10 thoughts on “SWEATER LOVE // NEW IN”

  1. Anonym says:

    GEIL der boy london sweater! aber ich komme nicht auf die HP, ist das bei jedem so oder liegts an meinem PC?

  2. Den Cheap Monday Sweater möchte ich mir unbedingt kaufeeeeen! Aber der Boy Sweater ist ja noch schööööööner,was hat der gekostet?:)

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