After the longest time ever of non-blogging on YOUNG VANITY I finally show you a bomb of pictures from my Berlin trip last week. I stayed for 6 days in the most wonderful appartement I’ve ever been. 

No more words, here are the pictures: 
(1) outfit details, (2) playing tourist, (3) coffee break, (4) Michalsky’s Catwalk Bar, (5) second coffee break, (6) at Potsdammer Platz, (7) Berliner Dom, (8) Spree, (9) on the streets, (10) cute steetstyle, (11) dinner, (12) on the streets, (13) to (15) at a COS store on Ku’Damm, (16) sneak peek of the upcoming outfitpost, (17) Florence + The Machine ad, (18) on the streets, (19) at night on Ku’Damm, (20) and (21) Sushi time at Dudu’s, (22) on the streets, (23) Weekday Berlin

11 thoughts on “BERLIN PHOTOBOMB”

  1. Anonym says:

    wunderbare fotos, du hast großes talent! welche kamera hast du benutzt?

  2. Anonym says:

    wow this last picutre of the weekdaystore is stunning.. luv all of them!!!!!

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