After my first interview with topmodel Sebastian Sauve I really tasted blood and so I asked the international fashion designer Dawid Tomaszewski for some answers. We talked about his childhood, the Berlin Fashion Week and his upcoming projects. 

Young Vanity: When did your interest in fashion arouse? Has there been a person or an encounter which initiated this?
Dawid: As far back as I had been a small boy I had been interested in fashion. I know, that sounds worn-out but it’s true! My mom inspired me in that time. I went to a lot of opera performances with her – this influenced me!

Is there a fashion-background in your family?

D: No, before my humble self there was no one in my family who was into fashion.
YV: Lady Gaga or Madonna?
D: Who’s Lady Gaga?

YV: How do you estimate the level of Berlin Fashion Week?
D: Of course the Berlin Fashion Week is still in it’s stage of development, but it grows fast and I hope that it will continue growing! It’s awesome to be a part of it!

YV: What’s “good style” for you?
D: You have to be born with style. Either you have it or not. Moreover style is not mercenary – this is making it interesting!

YV: How would you describe your own style?
D: British, classic with that certain something.

YV: Tell us about your upcoming projects! Where do you see yourself in about 10 years? 

D: At the moment I am planing my first conceptstore. Besides my knitwear collection will be parlayed. A men collection is in the making, I am working on different opera- and artprojects… Stay tuned, I won’t reveal everything!
YV: Female and male fashion no-go’s? Your personal fashion ever-green’s?
D: Ballerina shoes! An absolutely no-go for women! Gisele Bündchen is the only women looking good in ballerina shoes! Moreoever you should never dress yourself up. One of the biggest sins! Fashion ever-greens? A great suit, a great coat, a great dress! But the key to a personal style are accesoires (for me).


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