Prague is wonderful! I just came back and I do not want to write anything more about the trip because you just need to have a look on the photos to see how amazing this city is. 

(1) at Prague main station, (2) dressed up for opera in H&M blazer / Burberry shirt / Cheap Monday jeans / Zara boots, (3) wonderful front of an old house, (4) in the underground, (5) Prague Fashion Weekend (with Nina Ricci, Bogner, Victor & Rolf, Roberto Cavalli – I don’t really get it why there are great shows like these in Prague), (6) reflection, (7) at Cafe Louvre (the cakes are delicate!), (8) on the streets, (9) at Charles Bridge, (10) streetstyle snapshot, (11) impression, (12) at Starbucks, (13) at the most wonderful Mango store I’ve ever been, (14) main station, (15) coffee break, (16) an amazing streetstyle of a female model, (17) Europe’s biggest club

9 thoughts on “PHOTODIARY // PRAGUE”

  1. Amazing photos ! Your blog is very cool !! 🙂
    Love it, & check it mine if u have 5 minutes to lose 😛

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