I had the chance to do a little interview with international topmodel Sebastian Sauve (On the ranking of the “Top 50 Male Models” worldwide on #39). 
We talked about his daily life in fashion scene, his expectations of life and the time before he became a model.

YOUNG VANITY: First of all, tell us a little bit about your life before your international model career started.
Sebastian: I used to go to school, college and university where I study business. I worked in kitchens, factories, call centers and bars, met my friends, went on parties and did sports as usual.

YV: How did you become a model then? Have you been discovered on the streets? What have your first feelings been when you’ve been discovered?
S: A guy I met towards the end of my Central America travels before I started to study in the University “discovered” me. His name was Scott and we were staying in the same youth hostel and made friends. He later asked if I ever thought I could be a model. I said that only my mom thinks that but he said that he thinks I could have a good chance so he got me into a casting with an agency and then it all began…
Hmmm, I didn’t think I could be a model because I thought I wouldn’t look skinny and pasty pale like the ones I knew. I thought I could do it better than them though. Now that I am a model I’m going to try and do it the way I always thought I’d like it to be done. 

YV: What was you first model job? Did you like it or have you been scared of it?
S: Yeah I was scared and felt a little bit weird but just because there were people that wanted to take pictures of me to put it in a magazine. My first shoot was for Attitude Magazine and was on a roof in the middle of London where thousands of people could see me so there was absolutly no room for feeling uncomfortable. I bit the bullet, made the effort and it all played off. And by the way: I still get nervous even now! 

YV: After all the time you’ve been a successful model, what has been the job you liked most? Why? And is there a job you wouldn’t like to repeat? Do you have any favourite designers, photographers etc. you would like to work with again? 

S: As I already said Attitude magazine was my first job. Calvin Klein my first runway show. Stone Island my first campaign. The L’Officiel Hommes cover had been my big break, Zara had been my biggest money maker. I absolutly love going to NYC because it’s simply awesome, but I also love coming home because my friends pat my back for my success – There’s plenty of highlights and there is nothing I wouldn’t do again. Even the ones that meant nothing and weren’t fun are still progress. Plus: You never know who could see the campagin for example, who likes it and maybe bookes you!
Then I’d love to work with David Sims again because he’s a cool cat. I’d like to work with every designer (lol) because “the more work the marry-er”.

YV: What is the favourite thing you do in your freetime? Where do you like to go for vacation? 😉

S: You mean my freetime outside of modelling, work, studies, appointment and bussiness work? I sleep (a lot…)! And I watch tv, play games, and eat my face off. Lush! Vacation, I want to go everywhere! I’d love to go to Taiwan, the Congo and the Amazon. 

YV: Have you ever modeled for a German client? (I remember the amazing cover and editorial for L’Officiel Hommes Germany)
S: Loads of German clients actually! Magazines like L’Officiel Hommes as you said, SZ, FHM, TUSH and I also did another cover on Schön Magazine. I’ve done a few shows for example Bernard Wilheim. I’m actually on my way to Berlin now to shoot a lookbook for Tribeca.
Germany likes me. I like Germany! 

YV: Are you a fashion-lover in your normal life? What’s your favourite piece of apparel?
S: I do like fashion but I don’t like spending money for it. Thats why I normally shop discount fake or charity shops. I’ve got a checkered pair of Gucci pants as a present from my internship that I really love. But my favourite clothes are my XXXL sweat pants and my XXXXXXXL hockey jersey. Maximum comfort around the house!

YV: What’s your opinion about fashionblogs and fashionbloggers? Do you think they are important for the fashion industry?
S: I think they’re all crazy for a start. I guess they’re smart to have gotten on the internet band wagon. They’re mostly nice and intelligent and I think they’re the most important aspect in the industry. Bloggers have the power to make or break anyone they want to. 

YV: Last but now least: Do you want to tell us something about your plans for the future? Do you have any projects you would like to realize?  
I have a lot of future plans. Some are secrets (a super cool website and an app) and some are in progress (Odda magazine – I’m the creative director). I also plan on doing another internship when I move to NYC in marketing. I plan to set up some bussiness, buy some property and then retire and set up a youth hostel with a bar and an restaurant. Lots and lots to do! I have an idea for a TV show too, so let’s see if I can make it happen. By the way: Your questions were good dude!
Sebastian together with other topmodels like Marlon Teixeira and Francisco Lachowski in the “Models.com Kings of Milano” video:



  1. Anonym says:

    Hauptsache du schreibst deine Anonymen Kommentare selber 😀 überhaupt nicht auffällig!

  2. Hauptsache ich kann mir gar nicht selber anonyme kommentare machen weil ich bei blogger angemeldet bin, du kleiner, neidischer fashionblogger.

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