I just had no time to post about it earlier – but here it is my new super cool tshirt by LONG. 

Long Clothing was founded in 2008 by young desingers Gareth Emmett and Rhys Dawney (Great Brittain). 

The brand focuses on oversized, unisex clothing and
bold graphic prints, which have now become the LONG signature statement.
Today LONG has over 50 stockists spread over 15 countries and is represented, amongst others, by Oki-ni in London and OAK NYC in New York.
I really fell in love with the collections, espacially with the new LONG x BOY collection – it’s awesome!
I’m wearing the Triangle Tshirt by Long (Thank you for sending me), the same leather jacket as on my last outfit post. (And a skinnie by American Apparel, Boots by Doc Martens – both not on the pictures)


  1. Anonym says:

    did they really send you the t-shirt? Basically I heard they would only send it to people who have a bit more famous blogs? Hence I don't see any other possibility that you had just order it …

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