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Hey world,

those who have me in facebook already saw some pictures of my 2 new rooms. I changed rooms within our house from the small children’s room in two bigger ones. It took some time to make it beautiful for me, but now I love it. I like that its seperated in two parts – not one big room, so it’s more like a flat.

So here are some pictures – and sorry, my bed is not made :$

(1) impression, (2) impression with magazines, (3) second part of the room with couch, bioethanolfire, tv etc., (4) selfmade collage ysl, (5) photoprinting on canvas NYC, (6) view from my bed – behind the artwallpaper is my walk-in wardrobe (I found no position to do a good photo of it, sorry), (7) my new artwallpaper, (8) my bed with photowall

6 thoughts on “MY NEW ROOMS.”

  1. Das YSL ist genial 🙂

    aber schande über dich, du hättest ja wenigstens dein bett machen könnnen 😀

  2. Das Sofa habe ich auch 😉 Und wow, sehr sehr Stilvoll eingerichtet, gefällt mir sehr gut! Lädt zum wohlfühlen ein!

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