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Hey world,
today was the last day of Christmas so I post some pictures. I got cool presents, ate a lot and had nice days with my family. I hope your christmasdays were as wonderful as mine. Uuuh, now the famous question: “WHAT DID YOU GET FOR CHRISTMAS?” – It was nothing special this year, because my parents gifted me by paying my driving license. Of course I got some smaller presents to unpack like shopping-gift-cards, a tourist guide for NYC (Why that? ;)) and parfume. From the rest of my family I got a lot of money, more than ever before and the new polaroid camera.
What did you get for Christmas? How did you spend your days? Does it have snow there, where you celebrated it?
I hope you will have a great week now, between Christmas and New Years Eve.
Wish you the best, Julius Leon.

By the way: This last picture – It’s a christmastree 😉


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