Hey world,

did you notice? I (re)changed my blog’s name in ” JULSALVENMOSER.BLOGSPOT.COM “.
Why? Because the old name was sinewy and irritating. In the last months I noticed that there are a lot of bloggers naming there blog ” WE ARE YOUNG. “. I was pissed off.
So: Back to nature, back to start. But there were some things changing too. The blogger from
Black Soldiers night had been so kind to make over the cumulative design of my blog.
Now you have ” the home ” with the posts ( I will post whatever I like to – from personal texts and pictures to art and fashionpictures, videos and music ), the second column with ” contact ” – there you can find links to my twitter, facebook and lookbookpages. Third column, called ” site notice “, with informations about the blogposting and a link to my entrance at ” “.

Why is the blogURL ” JULSALVENMOSER.BLOGSPOT.COM ” and the header ” YOUNG VANITY “?
Easy to explain: My header will change his face sometimes – I’m not dependent on it. Maybe next month the header will have another name. But in moment I really love the idea of ” YOUNG VANITY “, because I developed it by myself and it’s so much what I want to express with my blog. Being young, like from ” WE ARE YOUNG. ” and vanity for this feeling to be the person you want to be.

Okay, that was much. I really hope that my readercommunity will grow more and more and I am always happy about comments. So don’t be shy! Write you next time, stay young and don’t stop reading ” YOUNG VANITY “.



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